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Trade Marketing Operation

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During our trade operations, we managed to strengthen commercial ties between promoters and customers. We have strategies to reach the entire chain, from distributors to the end consumer.


We carry out the entire organization of your event: from planning to execution.

Event - product presentation

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Our events are designed around the experience of the participants. All planning and execution is done to provide the best for those present.


Marketing operation carried out by us.

Satisfaction survey

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Our surveys are carried out using specific forms, this way, we are able to capture relevant information to make improvements, whether in products or services.


Create incredible animations and have your own character to represent your company.




We create incredible rooms so you can demonstrate your product or service.

Blue print

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We customize room from scratch. With this 100% customization, it is possible to create images for websites, product presentations or even 3D virtual tours. This way, your client will have a realistic image of what is presented.